Concept behind Hatsune Miku series

Concept behind Hatsune Miku series

Piperoid Team, Koto Co., Ltd.

A collaboration between Hatsune Miku, a symbol of modern digital technology,
and Piperoid, a paper handicraft representing a form of traditional analogue art.
Different as they seem, these two opposites share one keyword… Creativity

Hatsune Miku is conceptually distinctive from other conventional virtual idols.
It is not just a one-way output from an enterprise to individuals (viewers). Rather,
through Miku, it helps to relay the original music produced by any one individual
further to other viewers worldwide.

What’s more, music written by any individual can further be rearranged, or even choreographed by someone else, initiating a chain of creation.
Hatsune Miku is doubtlessly a means, an infrastructure, liberating the creativity long hidden in hearts of people.

Famous, nameless, all irrelevant. A pure world contest via music on an open
exciting field, a revolutionary movement on-going on a world stage.

What about Piperoid?
It is a traditional paper craft (a craft originated from the Japanese Edo culture)
but using a completely new approach — to “create with paper pipes”, through
which, we wish to re-appeal to the world the fun of creation.

The infinite possibilities of creativity. We welcome you to the world of
astonishment! The collaboration between Piperoid & Miku is launched to make the
world all more interesting and exciting! That is what we have been hoping for.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to the great support to our project by
our licensor Crypton Future Media, Inc. We truly hope our Hatsune Miku series will
bring smiles to everyone who has brought our Miku home!

©Koto co.,ltd. / ©Crypton Future Media,INC.